2020 PlantBased Gratitude


Succeeding at anything is rarely a one-person endeavor. So this Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank some of the people who’ve helped me in making the PlantBased blog succeed every day.

First, my family: Without the understanding and constant support of my wife and children, I simply couldn’t spend time with them, run my business and make researching and writing for PlantBased.com a daily priority.

My Mom and Dad: I often share what I learn from my plant-based research with my parents. I count on them to provide encouragement and support, whether or not they agree with my perspective on everything.

My Fruitive team: From Chef Ryan, who was instrumental in my going fully vegan, to Karen, who manages my calendar and tries to keep me on track, to all the employees who faithfully serve our customers each day. Without them, I couldn’t run my restaurant and have time to research and write.

My PlantBased.com team: Rain or shine, early or late, sick or healthy, my editor Judy diligently works Monday through Sunday ensuring my posts are publication-ready. Dr. Pari, Masha, the social media team, and others also help with research and website promotion.

Other authors and creators: Almost every post includes quotes or links to research and the work of other writers. They’ve inspired my vision of a healthier world for us all.

My readers: Some have read every PlantBased post. Others focus on their favorite topics. The vast majority glance at the homepage and sometimes read one post. All of them have my gratitude.

For the entire PlantBased.com family, 2020 has been a year of trials and triumphs. The exciting thing is how we’ve gotten through it together.

And for this, I’m truly thankful!

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