4 Proven Tips to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions
New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New You: Start 2021 off Strong with Goal Setting

As 2020 finally draws to a close, you might find yourself engaging in a bit of self-talk about making the changes you’d like to make in 2021. I know I do!

Most often, in my case, it goes something like this: 

“Notes to self: Get more exercise. Eat better. Spend more quality time with family and friends.” 

For far too many of us, January usually comes around burdened with a hefty load of New Year’s resolutions ideas – and lofty intentions to “do better.” We feel obliged to attempt setting serious goals aimed at bettering our characters, health, and lives. 

However, I know from experience that the self-pressure to follow up on those goals can be self-defeating. For many years, I was a whiz at coming up with New Year’s resolutions and keeping them… all the way through January.

But once the calendar’s page flipped to February, my determination to stick with the program first slowed – then gradually stuttered to a halt. The loss of commitment was as predictable as the summer sun’s shining on the Sahara until a change occurred.

In me!

Committing to Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

No longer content with failure, I decided to set aside time and educate myself on goal setting and time management. Guidance from multiple books and various other resources gave me all the tools to make my resolutions work for me.

This past year, three of my New Year’s wishes were to: 

  • Blog every single day here on Plantbased.com
  • Read more than 100 books (and review all of them)
  • Average more than 10,000 pushups per month


Getting to a place where I can not only develop but accomplish such fun resolutions has been one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done!

Some tips that could help you do the same?

  1. Make a definite plan. For example, how many books and which titles you’ll commit to reading.
  2. Share your progress. For example, review every book you complete and post your review online. 
  3. Set starting and stopping points. For example, start new books on Mondays, finish them on Saturdays and submit your reviews on Sundays. 
  4. Choose goals you’ll enjoy. For example, read books you’re interested in and write in a style you find therapeutic. 


Finally, when you ask yourself, “What is a New Year’s resolution I can keep?” set your bar lower than whatever your answer is! As an overachiever, I know too well the feeling of focusing on the unlimited possibilities every New Year brings.

But by biting off more than I can chew, I’ll inevitably abandon my entire goal. And then the guilt and sense of failure hit. 

Setting realistic goals now requires looking at those I’ve achieved in the past and what parameters made their success possible.

Whatever you decide, focus your goal setting on fun resolutions. As an enjoyable, health-giving choice, plant-based eating will positively impact the planet Earth and its creatures. 

Some plant-based New Year’s resolutions ideas, courtesy of this blog: 

  • Read one book a month, starting with my list of top ten plant-based books.
  • Eat one plant-based meal a day, what Suzy Amis Cameron calls OMD
  • Eat plant-based breakfasts and lunches, as Jonathan Safra Foer suggests. 
  • Borrow a page from Eric Lindstrom by making a bet with someone to see who can go entirely plant-based longer.
  • Take the full plunge with Dr. John McDougall’s SOS (salt, oil, sugar)-free, 100-percent whole food, plant-based program. 


I’ll be revisiting this topic around January 1 (just two weeks from now!) Until then, I encourage you to think about your own New Year’s wishes. Please let Plantbased.com’s first anniversary be living proof that a “new year, new you” is within your grasp

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