7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby Review (Part 2)

7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby
7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby

7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby


A few days ago, I wrote a blog post based on YouTube’s second most-watched vegan video,

TheOdd1sOut’s animated 7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems).

At the end of his video, the Odd1sOut (aka James) nominated fellow YouTuber and animator Jaiden to take on the Challenge. Not only did she accept his challenge; she created her own video of the experience.

It now ranks as the third most-watched YouTube vegan video, with more than 20 million views.

The funny thing is that Jaiden — who was already vegan — persuaded James to sample some vegan foods with her. This was despite his misgivings after completing the challenge himself.

Jaiden introduces her video with a simple truth: “So, here’s a secret. Eating vegan is easy! You might think it’s hard, but it’s easy.”

Together, they taste-test several pre-packaged vegan foods and beverages. Throughout the video, they kept me smiling with exchanges like this one about bacon:

James (doing the cooking): “I don’t know if the bacon is supposed to look cooked or not.”

Jaiden: “I mean, technically we’re not cooking out any like, salmonella or anything, we’re just heating it up, I guess.”

James, who’s genuinely surprised by how good his tofu-based bacon burger tastes, quips that they “… didn’t even have to hunt anything!” And Jaiden responds, “Yeah! There is no killing in this sandwich. Just tofu and plants and happiness!”

They both realize that plenty of YouTubers have videotaped their reactions to eating vegan food for the first time. But Jaiden wonders why so many find it disgusting. “I mean, I don’t know what they bought, but this is pretty good!”

James, who claimed to be grossed out by vegan burgers during his 7-Day Challenge, replies, “We need to start, like, faking our reactions… If this tastes like chicken, why even eat chicken again?”

Not every item they test is a hit, but at the end of their tasting session, James gives the overall experience two thumbs up.

Bolstered by his positive response, Jaiden closes things out with a confident “Thanks for watching… go eat a sandwich that has no murder in it!”

If you’ve seen James’ video, you should definitely watch this one. And if you’re thinking of doing a vegan challenge, be sure to read my 7 rules for 7 days post!

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