A Vegan And Two Hunters

Real hunter, northern Europe

It sounds like a joke, but it really happened!

After our accident last night, we found ourselves stranded in a small Alaska town with no way for me to get to Anchorage and pick up a replacement RV. A gas station attendant was kind enough to ask every customer that stopped in if they were headed there.

Finally, a husband-and-wife team of hunters stopped by to have a flat repaired. They’d spent the last two weeks on an unsuccessful hunt near the Canadian border. The attendant explained our situation and they agreed to give me a lift for the 3 ½ hour drive to Anchorage.

The gas station attendant introduced me to the couple saying, “Moose killer, meet moose hunters who didn’t kill a moose!” I jumped in the backseat of the medium-size pickup and found myself with a big hunting rifle in a backseat holster swinging above my lap.

When I told them I was a vegan, they responded, “Well, this is ironic.” They shared that their youngest daughter, aged 11, is too. They do their best to respect her choices.

They also mentioned that more and more of their acquaintances are now choosing plant-based options.

We spent the entire trip discussing a variety of subjects, but my favorite topics were nature and wildlife. Obviously, we have our differences. But I was pleasantly surprised that we also found plenty of common ground.

For example, two of my kids dont eat vegan (when away from home) — and I do my best to respect their choices.

I truly enjoyed my chance encounter with this nice couple and will be forever grateful that they let a stranger hitch a ride. I tried to hand them cash to help pay for gas, but they adamantly refused, “Oh no! This is our blessing to you!”

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