Benefits Of Drinking Tea Everyday

Benefits Of Drinking Tea Everyday
Benefits Of Drinking Tea Everyday

Benefits Of Drinking Tea Everyday

For me, 2020 has been a year of learning all about plant-based living. Starting in January, I read 100 plant-based books in 100 days. In April, I kept going with more vegan books, videos, podcasts, movies and websites — and continued sharing what I’ve been learning in my daily bog posts.

Now, I’m taking a break from the printed word. I’ll return to reading the 50 or so books still waiting on my shelf later this year.

But for now, my focus is on watching all 1,800 of’s videos. You’ll notice that they’ve provided much of the inspiration for my most recent blog posts.


Because, although I’m not associated with NutritionFacts, I love that all their videos are based on studies published in scientific journals!

One thing I’ve learned from many of the early videos is the health benefit of drinking tea every day. As Dr. Michael Greger observes, tea’s positive effects include:

“… less breast cancer risk and living a significantly longer life… Drinking tea from the tea plant… halves our risk of getting ovarian cancer. Halves our risk of getting endometrial cancer. Can lower our cholesterol, our blood sugars, and our weight. Protect our liver. And protect our brain. Drink green tea every day.”

These benefits, according to Dr. Greger, make tea a much better choice than coffee. As to the healthiest tea?

“Green tea is better than black. And the best form of green tea may be…white tea… [it] may be the best of the best.”

What differentiates black, green and white teas?

“Black tea … [has] been processed, so green is better… If you drink your tea without lemon, green appears preferable to white, but if you add lemon, the white tea jumps ahead. It turns out while there may be more phytonutrients in the white tea, they may only be released at the right pH.”

Regardless of your choice, lemon boosts its benefits!

Finally, relaxing over a daily cup of chamomile herbal tea may also reduce your cancer risk, according to one laboratory study:

“This little flower was pitted in a battle royale against various human cancer cells. Here’s chamomile slowing down prostate cancer, cervical cancer, fibrosarcoma, colon cancer, and breast cancer cells. As you can see, the more chamomile they added, the more the human cancer growth rates dropped.”

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