Biggest Impact For Conservation

Biggest Impact For Conservation
Biggest Impact For Conservation

How can I have the biggest impact on the planet for conservation?

My alarm went off this morning at 4:10am. My wife and I made a quick breakfast, tea and coffee and got the older kids up. When my 16-year-old son stepped outside he looked up at the sky and exclaimed, “Yes!”

A few minutes later, my 15-year-old daughter came out the door behind him. Looking up, she whispered almost reverently, “Yes!”

We’d been hoping for a clear sky for our morning hike — and the brilliant view of the heavens didn’t disappoint. We set off to climb Curry Ridge, one of Alaska’s most breathtaking trails, and take in the sunrise over Denali.

From its mountains to its oceans, and all the lakes, flowers and animals in between, we love our planet. And more than anything else, we want to preserve its wonders for our children and all the children to come.

But of all the many actions we could take to do that, which will make the greatest impact?

Based on all the research I’ve done, the single most effective action anyone can take to restore and protect the Earth is to…

Avoid eating meat, dairy or any animal-based foods.

 I was already thinking that when I blogged in early 2019, ““The number one step a person can take to care for the planet is choosing plant-based foods.”

A simple lack of awareness stands between countless people and the decision to eat vegan. They simply need to realize the impact their food choices have on our world!

As we ascended the trail, dawn poured across the sky above the highest point in North America — 30 minutes before the sun rose on the horizon. While an eagle soared overhead, we glimpsed moose ambling by in the early-morning light.

The great, unspoiled expanse of Alaskan tundra left me at a loss to describe the majesty of the moment. Picking some wild blueberries to eat on our way back down the trail, we felt grateful for the sustenance.

At the same time, I wondered whether humanity will ever learn to sustain the Earth as she sustains us. Can I have faith that our children’s generation will be more aware than we’ve been?

Just one glance at my kids, totally absorbed in our morning’s escapade, gave me my answer:


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