Black Vegans Rock By Aph Ko

Black Vegans Rock By Aph Ko
Black Vegans Rock By Aph Ko

Black Vegans Rock By Aph Ko

Five years ago, independent digital media producer Aph Ko compiled a list of 100 influential black vegans for Striving with Systems. All her choices were “influential Black vegans “doing incredible work to dismantle the stereotype that veganism was a “white person’s’ thing.’”

Today, Aph continues to expand the list of black vegan influencers at her website Many have contributed guest posts to the site’s blog.

Looking over the posts today prompted me to buy books by several of their authors, as well as Aph’s Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism and Black Veganism from Two Sisters.

In yesterday’s blog post, I mentioned how, while marching with me in Washington DC, my daughter carried a sign reading “Listening, Learning.”

And now, it’s my turn to begin listening to and learning from vegans who, in the words of BVR’s Mission Statement, “are regularly excluded or erased from mainstream spaces that deal with animal rights, food justice, feminism, and anti-racism.”

Aph is featured in the film The Invisible Vegan, saying,

“I believe that when we get people to critically think about their world, their behaviors will change as well. Talking about veganism or dietary vegansim isn’t the only way to get people to not eat meat. The reality is we all need to be thinking about this stuff because we all live on planet Earth.”

Having read the incredibly compelling stories and biographies of these amazing black leaders, I’m looking forward to learning from them through reading their books.

And I’m confident the BVR website will remain one of my important resources.

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