Is it possible to eat plant-based while traveling

Is it possible to eat plant-based while traveling?

The answer is yes!

 Eating well while traveling has always been challenging, but with the plant-based movement getting stronger every day you can eat healthy at each meal.  Below are some tips to make your life easier as you travel the world!

Airports and how to navigate them:

BYOF-Bringing your own food is a great option no matter the duration of the trip. Flights can be delayed or there may be very limited choices as far as airport or airplane dining.  It is easy to slip out of grand plans to eat plant-based when exhaustion sets in, so preparing ahead of time can eliminate the risk. Food will go through security! Only produce cannot be brought through customs! 

Options for an On-The-Go Lifestyle:

  • Fruit and dried fruit-the hard fruits travel better like apples and oranges

  • Salads-leaving the dressing on the side keeps them fresh for much longer

  • Nuts/nut butters-packs well, won’t go bad, and super filling

  • Dark chocolate-to satisfy a sweet tooth, but be careful in heat

  • Nutrition bars-quick option if you don’t have food in the house to pack

  • Protein powders/supplements-bring a shaker and you can make your own protein shake on the go

  • Oatmeal/overnight oats-hot water is easy to find anywhere and overnight oats last for hours without refrigeration

Other tips once you’ve reached your destination:

Learn how to say “I’m vegan” in the language of the country you’re visiting, so that servers can be as accommodating as possible.

Call ahead and see if you will have access to a mini-fridge in your room or for longer stays try booking at Airbnb or VRBO where you can have a working kitchen to cook some of your own meals.

Use apps and do your research! Apps like Happy Cow are a great source for finding options for everyone you might be dining with.  Yelp and local food blogs are also informative sources that will help you find the best plant-based food you can get!

Ultimately, it is completely possible to eat plant-based while traveling.  It requires a little bit of planning and researching, but it will leave you with peace of mind knowing that you made the healthiest decisions while you experienced the wonders of the world!