Bravo! By Ramses Bravo

Bravo! By Ramses Bravo - Plant Based
Bravo! By Ramses Bravo - Plant Based

Any vegans who dared patronize Chef Ramses Bravo’s restaurant at a high-end California hotel could expect begrudgingly served scoops of rice with steamed veggies. The unspoken message was that their business wasn’t welcome.

Eventually, however, the hotel was sold and Chef Bravo needed a new position. After years of working long hours and gaining too much weight from his own cooking, he also needed a change.

In accepting the executive chef position at the TrueNorth Health Center, a change — and a challenge — is exactly what he got. When informed while interviewing for the job that oil, salt and sugar were all off the menu, he’d thought the interviewer was “definitely cuckoo.”

As he remembers in his cookbook Bravo!,

I thought I would be signing up for an impossible task. How could I prepare meals… without the ingredients that I was used to? Wouldn’t the food be too bland?

He signed on anyway — and not long after he began cooking vegan, his extra pounds and constant fatigue were no more.

The secret to his success in moving beyond rice and steamed veggies? It’s his gift for “…developing exquisite vegan cuisine using… simple flavors and textures that complement each other.”

And the lifelong love of eating that saw Bravo grow from a chubby little boy into an overweight adult? It’s “… as strong as ever,” but now, “It’s simply being directed in a much more healthful direction.”

His vegan creations are so good, in fact, that TrueNorth decided to make them available to home cooks. This cookbook is a compilation of delicious recipes completely free of:

  • animal-based foods

  • processed oils

  • refined carbohydrates

  • salt

  • and sugar.

Instead, they’re built entirely around

  • fresh fruits and veggies

  • whole grains

  • nuts

  • seeds

  • and legumes.

By replacing the disease-promoting ingredients with whole, nutrient-rich ones, Bravo’s recipes are natural health restorers. As his boss Alan Goldhamer puts it, they’re “delectable dishes that have brought renewed health to our participants at TrueNorth Health Center.”

Just what we’d expect from a master of vegan cuisine!

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