Clean Protein By Kathy Freston And Bruce Friedrich

Clean Protein By Kathy Freston And Bruce Friedrich
Clean Protein By Kathy Freston And Bruce Friedrich

Clean Protein By Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich


If you’re not starving, you’re getting enough protein.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an omnivore or a vegan. If you’re getting enough food, you’re getting enough protein, “… no matter what you are eating,” write Clean Protein authors Kathy Freston and Bruce Friedrich.

The two reached their conclusion after countless hours spent interviewing nutritional researchers, doctors and business leaders. Clean Protein compiles their findings as the most recent information on commonly asked protein-related questions.

Billions of us consider meat to be the best protein source. But Freston and Friedrich don’t just dismiss that belief; they explode it with this warning:

“Using meat as your primary protein delivery mechanism turns out to be exceedingly risky. Animal product consumption is linked to an array of chronic disease, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, bone deterioration, and impotence.”

Only plant-based eating, the authors advise, guarantees our bodies the cleanest protein sources. All we really require are meals created from:

  • beans

  • nuts

  • vegetables

and whole grains.

How easy does that sound, given that ”You need not count calories, fat, protein grams or diligently look to combine amino acids?”

Clean Protein left me with the impression that to choose a plant-based diet now is to adopt what’s rapidly becoming the only acceptable diet. Its authors have created a guide for everyone to follow!

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