Common Cold Remedies: Garlic and Nutritional Yeast

Common Cold Remedies
Common Cold Remedies

This morning, I went to grab a kiwi. Much to my surprise, hardly any were left. Then one of my boys bragged about eating five last night. Evidently, my post from yesterday about their cold-fighting properties proved inspiring!

But they aren’t likely to be consuming my second natural cold remedy with as much vigor (at least, not raw). Garlic’s signature “kick” has been proven to kick a cold.

Researchers at Britain’s East Sussex Garlic Centre ran a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in which 146 participants took either a daily garlic capsule or a placebo for twelve weeks.

Not only did the garlic group get 63 percent fewer colds than the control group; their symptoms lasted just 1.5 days versus 5 days for the placebo takers. These results are similar to those of the New Zealand kiwi/banana study.

My guess is that other fruits and roots might perform just as well. Currently, however, only kiwi and garlic have proven effective in controlled trials and proven to work.

But plant-based eaters will recognize another ingredient that’s been shown to keep colds from coming back: the nutritional yeast fungus beta-D-glucan.

In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial from Germany’s health-food research organization analyze & realize ag, 162 participants took a placebo or less than 1/5  teaspoon of the yeast each day for 16 weeks. The nutritional yeast group reported a 25-percent reduction in cold episodes.

Having never shied away from experiments, I mixed three mashed raw garlic cloves with a whole kiwi and a spoonful of nutritional yeast. To help it go down, I stirred the slurry in a cup of water and drank it like a smoothie.

As my wife observed, I’m probably the first person to ever try that recipe. I’m also likely to be the last.


Nobody else in my family is interested – and from now on, I’ll be consuming the ingredients separately!

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