Common Cold Remedies – Kiwi

Common Cold Remedies - Kiwi
Common Cold Remedies - Kiwi

They’re called ‘common” colds for a reason. So many of us get them that you’d be surprised at how uncommon cold-prevention research is.

But that’s true of most preventative medicine studies.

In a perfect world, there’d be money to pay for multiple randomized controlled trials of each ingredient that has anecdotal evidence for its medical effectiveness. Unless a particular drug or pill has a large enough market, however, finding someone to finance the trials is difficult.

So consumers end up spending billions of dollars for health remedies based solely on anecdotal evidence. For example, people have said they felt better after taken Emergen-C or Echinacea tea for their colds.

We know that believing in a product can have real effects, whether or not the product is a placebo. But as I posted yesterday, actual studies have shown these two home treatments to be “ineffective!”

That said, I did uncover some remarkable studies while reviewing the limited research on natural cold remedies.

Take the multiple golden kiwifruit studies paid for by a New Zealand kiwifruit company, with results published in the British Journal of Nutrition. In one, two groups of elderly participants ate either two bananas or four kiwis every day for one month, took a one-month break and then switched places.

The results among those who came down with colds?

The banana eaters experienced five days of sore throats and congestion. For the kiwi eaters, the same symptoms lasted just one or two days! Based on that, the researchers concluded that kiwis “significantly reduced the severity and duration of head congestion, and the duration of sore throat.

But the research didn’t stop there!

The same study was also conducted with preschoolers, according to this NutritionFacts video. Their results not only duplicated those of the elderly groups; the young kiwi eaters lowered their odds of catching a cold by 45%!

In a third kiwifruit company-funded study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, two dozen participants aged 20 to 55 ate two kiwi fruits one hour before bedtime for a month.

Downing the kiwis enabled them to sleep a whole additional hour each night. That’s like 30 extra hours – or four extra nights – of sleep a month!

Enough that some smart marketer might even nickname the juicy fruit Kiwi-PM!

Imagine what we find if other fruits – like tangerines or grapefruits – underwent similar studies. Until then, the research is clear that kiwis will help us avoid the common cold and sleep better.

After doing this research, we stopped by the store to pick up some kiwis. While there, we also stocked up on some other natural remedies. Tomorrow, I’ll share what made it into our shopping cart.

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