Cranberries And Cancer

Cranberries And Cancer
Cranberries And Cancer

Cranberries And Cancer

In a recent blog post, I’ve emphasized how nutritional research helps me decide what to feed my family. That’s a big reason why I’m so excited to have found Dr. Michael Greger and

In this video on the health benefits of red hibiscus tea, Dr. Greger claims his research is

“… revolutionizing the way my family eats.” This morning, after eating a fruit mix with the red cranberries, I decided to do some research of my own.

What I learned was that these tiny, tart berries can help with a number of health issues.

In one study, extracts of the U.S.’ 11 most commonly consumed fruits were dripped on to petri dishes seeded with cancer cells. Spread of the cranberry-treated cells decreased by more than 90 percent; lemon finished second with an 85-percent decrease.

Similar research of cranberries’ effect on prostate cancer resulted in similar findings. Both studies, Dr. Greger says, treated the cells with a very tiny concentration of cranberries because “we only absorb a small fraction of the cranberry phytonutrients we eat into our bloodstream.”

Even more impressive?

“In addition to suppressing liver cancer growth in vitro, cranberries have also been found to have similar effects against human breast, colon, brain tumor, oral, and ovarian cancer cells.”

This video explains how cranberry reduces the risk of recurring bladder infections some 35 percent, simply by preventing the infectious germs from building up on the bladder’s walls.

Do you suffer from jet lag? Adding just 1/3 cup of melatonin-rich fresh or frozen cranberries to a smoothie or meal is a safe, natural way to reset your internal clock! (Drying or juicing the berries seems to remove their melatonin.)

A single daily serving of these (or any other berries) could add a full year to your life, according to this video. That’s why Dr. Greger encourages “everyone to eat berries every day, to always have bags of frozen berries in their freezer.”

I’m certainly excited to keep cranberries on our shopping list!

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