Crazy Sexy Diet By Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Diet By Kris Carr
Crazy Sexy Diet By Kris Carr

Crazy Sexy Diet By Kris Carr

Kris Carr grew up across the street from a small family-owned dairy farm. One of her favorite pastimes was to squirt fresh-from-the-udder milk into her mouth or onto passing farmhands. In her own words, “I adored causing trouble.”

Left to her own devices, Kris writes in Crazy Sexy Diet, she’d have existed happily on a rotation diet of:

  • hamburgers

  • cereal

  • Ritz crackers with Cheese Whiz

  • peanut butter and jelly

and cheese fries.

So when she learned at age 10 that a Burger King had opened on Route 22 in the neighboring town, Kris thought her prayers had been answered.

Her Columbian grandmother, however, had other ideas. A cook whose culinary specialties included a layer cake of Spam, white bread and cream cheese — the idea of taking her granddaughter out for “fast food” was a definite non-starter.

Not about to be denied, Kris helped herself to Grandma’s pocket change, hiked the 5 miles to BK, gorged on fries and hiked home. And that, she writes, was her undoing:

In one fell swoop, I tasted freedom, independence, theft, and trans-fat-drenched carbohydrates. I was hooked. For the next two decades, fast food would be my rebellious comfort.”

Fast forward 21 years, to 2003. Kris, at 31, was an actress, photographer,”… party hound and stress slut” in NYC.

Suffering severe abdominal cramps and shortness of breath, she underwent an ultrasound that led to the most frightening of all diagnoses: terminal cancer.

Officially known as epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, her very rare condition was considered “… completely inoperable — no surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and — heres the knockout punch — no cure!” 

But as her grandmother had learned long ago, “no” was not in Kris’ vocabulary. She left the doctor’s office and took complete charge of her treatment: “I was the CEO, and the doctors worked for me.”

First, there were multiple “second” opinions. One doctor gave her ten years to live; another suggested a triple organ transplant.

Next, she educated herself on all aspects of her illness — and kept searching for an oncologist who’d be “a team player.”

Eventually, she found her “second in command,” and now admits that without him, “I might not be here today.”

Then, it was back to school to study nutrition. This, of course, led to giving up her beloved Burger King. But more importantly, it allowed Kris to embrace the joy of healing her damaged body with whole, plant-based foods.

Gradually, she responded to the nutrient-rich diet, improving so much that she felt and looked better than before her diagnosis. In the process, she came to a new mindset about what true well-being is:

“Health is more than just the absence of disease; it is the presence of vitality.”

With Crazy Sexy Diet, Kris beckons her readers to adopt that mindset and follow in her footsteps on their own journeys to vital, healthy lives!

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