Does Green Tea Prevent Cancer? 4 Studies Agree

Does Green Tea Prevent Cancer
Does Green Tea Prevent Cancer

In yesterday’s post, I began examining the question, “Does green tea prevent cancer?” According to the prostate cancer study I reviewed, the answer was a resounding “Yes!” 

So my next question was…

How Does Green Tea Prevent Cancer?

Four studies suggest green tea may prevent the deadly disease by reducing or reversing DNA damage.

Japanese researchers reviewing green tea and cancer prevention discovered that women who drank ten mini “Japanese-style” cups of green tea daily experienced a delayed cancer onset.

Drinking ten ceremonial cups of green tea daily delayed cancer onset by seven years.

How long was the delay?

More than seven years longer than cancer onset in those drinking less than three cups of green tea a day. Why does green tea have such a dramatically delaying effect on cancer?

A second study, Consumption of Green Tea Causes Rapid Increase in Plasma Antioxidant Power in Humans, found that green tea contains polyphenolic antioxidants.

The researchers tested five men and five women to see whether their blood’s antioxidant levels changed after they drank a 13.5-ounce cup of green tea.

Their blood and urine samples showed a “clear and rapid” spike in antioxidant levels within just 40 minutes of consuming the tea. 

The researchers observed that their higher antioxidant level “lowers oxidative damage to DNA and may help lower cancer risk.” 

In a controlled trial from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Department of Health Technology, researchers divided 18 healthy volunteers into three random groups for four weeks.

They were looking specifically at green tea’s “genoprotective” effects.

  • Group 1 drank 2 cups of water per day (the control group).
  • Group 2 drank 2 cups of ‘longjing’ green tea per day.
  • Group 3 drank 2 cups of “screw-shaped” green tea per day.

After four weeks, they had a six-week “washout” break before switching places and repeating the four-week/six-week trial.

They then switched again for a final four weeks, so all three groups experienced all three options.

The researchers tested the volunteers’ blood and urine samples throughout the study. By its conclusion, the results were indisputable.

The two groups drinking tea during each four-week trial experienced 30-percent lower “pre-existing oxidation-induced DNA damage.” Pre-existing oxidation refers to previous DNA damage.

In other words, the tea not only protected their DNA during the trial but also had a healing effect on pre-existing damage!

A similar Hong Kong Polytechnic study described green tea as having both “prevention and/or repair of DNA damage.”

So, does green tea prevent cancer? At the very least, it appears to delay cancer – and that alone makes it worth adding to your diet.

Other Amazing Green Tea Health Benefits

Researchers at the Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital Department of Neurosurgery did a meta-analysis of 22 prospective studies with a grand total of 856,206 participants.

They concluded that the participants who increased their green tea consumption by 3 cups per day had a lower risk of:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • cardiac death
  • intracerebral hemorrhage
  • cerebral infarction
  • stroke

and total mortality, which would include death from cancer

A second meta-analysis headed by researchers at the Zhejiang University Department of Food Science found that for every cup of green tea we drink each day, the risk of cardiovascular death drops 5 percent.

 And risk of death from all causes drops by 4 percent per cup!

Green Tea = Leafy Greens?

I start every day with raw spinach or other leafy greens. However, until now, I’d never thought of green tea leaves as part of my greens consumption. 

Whether you eat them or sip on them, leafy greens will absolutely rock your health!

But that’s precisely what they are, even though the prepared tea is my most diluted form of greens intake. As Dr. Greger says“That’s like boiling some collard greens and throwing away the greens, and just drinking the cooking water!” 

He suggests eating greens and drinking green tea because its health benefits are so astounding – even with the dilution. 

Whether you eat your greens, drink them as tea, or both, all these studies indicate your body will have plenty to celebrate!

So, why not join me in resolving to eat, and drink, more greens?

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