Dominion Documentary By The Aussie Farms Network

Dominion Documentary By The Aussie Farms Network
Dominion Documentary By The Aussie Farms Network

Dominion Documentary By The Aussie Farms Network

When an entire industry’s public image is built on secrecy and deceptive marketing language, you know something bad is happening. Dominion — the full-length 2018 documentary from Australia’s animal-rights advocate network Aussie Farms — reveals just how bad it is.

As Dominion opens, aerial cameras scan Australia’s rugged landscapes and Joaquin Phoenix voices these powerful words:

Most people consider themselves animal lovers. We recognize them not as objects, but as complex beings with whom we share the planet, our lives, our homes… The thought of unnecessarily causing them harm or suffering, is to many, unbearable.”

Nearly two harrowing hours later, Rooney Mara’s voice narrates this sobering data:

 “In our entire recorded history, 619 million humans have been killed by war. We kill the same number of animals every 3 days, and this isn’t even including fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tonnes.”

If you’ve already watched Earthlings?  This film is that film, on steroids. As often as I’ve read about or viewed instances of animal abuse, its impact left me bitterly recalling the four decades I spent supporting the violence and overconsumption of our food-supply system.

Dominion’s message serves up a bite-sized portion of the same horrifying realities happening in the United States, where our meat-loving population outnumbers the land Down Under’s by nearly 13 to 1.

With films like this to blow the whistle on what’s really happening behind the walls of our factory farms, stockyards and meat processing plants?

The ugly realities about our food supply can’t stay hidden for long… as long as we persuade people to watch them!

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