Health-Boosting Dried Herbs And Spices List

Dried Herbs And Spices List
Dried Herbs And Spices List

Health-Boosting Dried Herbs And Spices List

Yesterday, I shared some of what I’ve learned about the health benefits of dried fruits from Dr. Michael Greger’s NutritionFacts website’s videos.

But as exciting as that information is, it made me even more eager to follow upon what he had to say about dried herbs and spices. Why?

Because Dr. Greger’s followed this statement about dried alma berries:

“Dried Indian gooseberries may be the healthiest snack on the planet. Two hundred times the antioxidant content of blueberries.”


“… ounce for ounce, dried herbs and spices pack, on average, the greatest antioxidant punch. For example, herbs and spices may max out at ten times the antioxidant power of nuts and seeds… some herbs and spices are so off-the-chart amazing, that even just a small pinch can go a long way.

Given that kind of lead-in, I couldn’t wait to learn more! And the best part was that so many of the most health-promoting dried herbs and spices are both readily available and inexpensive (especially considering the small amounts needed to achieve BIG results!)

Here’s a list of the ones I find most impressive:

  • Dried cloves

Amla berries, which Dr. Greger calls the planet’s “healthiest snack,” boast an astounding 261,500 free radical-fighting ORAC units per 3.5 ounces. The same amount of dried ground cloves, however, weighs in at 290,283 ORAC units!

In one study, Dr. Greger reports, ranked dried cloves as the most powerful anti-inflammatory of the 13 spices tested.

  • Dried oregano

Topping your bowl of vegan whole wheat spaghetti marinara and broccoli with one teaspoon of dried oregano (154 ORAC units),”… and you nearly double the antioxidant power of that meal. ”Who needs Parmesan? 

  • Dried marjoram 

Replace the oregano on your spaghetti with dried marjoram, for an extra 106 ORAC units.

  • Dried peppermint

One teaspoon of dried peppermint adds 416 ORAC units to any recipe. Brew it as tea, mix it in a smoothie, sprinkle it over a tabbouleh salad or blend it into vegan ice cream.

There are many more amazingly powerful herbs and spices, but this is a good start!

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