Eager Reader!

Eager Reader
Eager Reader

I often have people ask me if I’ve always been a reader. The answer, as my Mom just reminded me, is an unqualified “Yes!”

Last night, I arrived at my parents’ Michigan home for a week-long visit. Walking into my old room, I noticed some certificates from elementary school sitting on my desk. My Mom had pulled them out and put them there.

Looking the certificates over, I found an “Eager Reader” award. It indicates that during the month of April, 1989, I completed seven books at the tender age of 10!

I couldn’t tell you any of the titles of those books. I’ve also forgotten much of the information in the 3,100 pages (!) I read that year, between January and the end of April.

What I do remember is the joy of getting lost in a story and the fascination of learning something new about the world!

This year, I’ve been learning about veganism and a plant-based diet. I’ve watched videos, listened to podcasts, and researched online information.

But for me, nothing compares to reading a good book. 

So, from one reader to another, if your summer reading list lacks a good plant-based book, let me suggest:

  • The Jungle. Upton Sinclair published his muckraking classic in 1906. The most shocking part of reading this book is the realization of how little has changed in regards to slaughterhouse working conditions, sanitation standards and animal welfare in the last 100+ years!

  • Undo It. Dr. Dean Ornish tackles the science behind the big killers – cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and he even reveals the latest breakthroughs behind aging.

  • How Not to Diet. I’ve mentioned several times Dr. Michael Greger in the past few weeks. And reading How Not to Diet has definitely been one of 2020’s highlights for me. I’m also in the middle of Dr. Greger’s latest effort, an excellent read called How To Survive a Pandemic. I’ll be writing a post about it the coming days.

And if you’d like to suggest your own plant-based must-reads, I’d love to hear from you!

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