Eat For Life

Eat For Life Book Review
Eat For Life Book Review

Eat For Life Book Review 

When a plant-based health book reaches the New York Times bestseller list and stays there for 90 weeks, you know lots of sick people have been reading it.

Joel Fuhrman, MD’s latest literary effort, Eat For Life, expounds further on his message from bestselling Eat to Live. In it, the board-certified family physician and acclaimed nutritional expert presents his plant-based Nutritarian diet, introduced with his claim that:

After decades of rigor and scientific study, it is possible to conclude that the Nutritarian diet is that pinnacle of excellence in the nutritional world.”

Exactly what does he mean by a “Nutritarian” diet? It’s a way of eating, he writes, that pays attention to:

“… vitamins and minerals, but also to the thousands of … beneficial chemicals found in plants that are essential for maximizing immune function; such a diet can have profound effects on extending healthspan… and lifespan.”

As bold as those claims of the Nutritarian diet’s benefits are, Dr. Fuhrman goes even further:

“The nutritional excellence I’m describing here can prevent and even reverse most medical problems within three to six months… the facts, supported by scientific research… show that most medical problems … in the modern world are the result of nutritional folly.”

Having treated more than 15 thousand patients who’d arrived at his office overweight, unhappy and ill despite having “tried every dietary craze without success,” Dr. Fuhrman had ample first-hand proof of what committing to the Nutritarian diet can accomplish.

Eat to Life records the photos and dramatic first-person testimonies of many Fuhrman patents who’ve regained their health on his plan:

  • At age 36, ER physician Dr, Chris Miller had to leave her job. She was suffering from lupus-inflamed lungs which medication didn’t help. After attending attended one of Dr. Fuhrman’s introductory Nutritarian weekends, she immediately emptied her house of all processed foods, animal products, and oils and loaded up on veggies. Her health has improved so much that she’s back at work, running half-marathons and teaching her patients about healthy eating.

  • At 66, Martin Becker was obese, taking 11 medications to manage his cardiovascular disease and looking for a new doctor. The one he found told him to change his way of eating and gave him a prescription to read Dr. Fuhrman’s book The End of Dieting. After committing to a Nutritarian lifestyle, he’s dropped 120 pounds, seen his body mass index fall from 40.1 to 22.1 and — at age 70! — started a career as a certified health and wellness coach.

  • Just one year after becoming his first appointment at the Dr. Fuhrman Wellness Center, David Palk had reversed his diabetes and lost 155 pounds — almost half of his body weight! He now recalls in amusement, “When the nurse typed in my weight and numbers, the computer kept alerting her that something was incorrect, because the numbers were so different. Everybody laughed.”

How much importance does Dr. Fuhrman place on the obesity-health connection? A lot — if his statement, “Even being slightly overweight has an unfavorable effect on health and lifespan,is any indication.

His own BMI hovers between 21 and 22, and he considers anything over 23 a sign of obesity.

And if you want to live to 100, he says, being overweight won’t get you there. Most centenarians have a body mass index lower than his!

So how, in Dr. Fuhrman’s opinion, are American consumers doing in the quest for health and longevity? Not nearly as well as they might be:

 Only 2.7 percent of Americans report they eat healthfully, have a favorable BMI, dont smoke, and exercise regularly.”

In the final analysis, then, anyone who follows Eat for Life’s Nutritarian diet and meets Dr. Fuhrman’s criteria for a long, healthy life will qualify for a very special club!

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