Fast Food Vegan Directed Jimmy Vaughn

Fast Food Vegan Directed Jimmy Vaughn
Fast Food Vegan Directed Jimmy Vaughn

When I came across Jimmy Vaughn’s 30-minute documentary Fast Food Vegan on Amazon Prime, its title intrigued me. I don’t typically think of fast food and vegan in the same sentence.

But Vaughn had accepted a friend’s challenge to eat vegan for 30 days. As a fast-food fan, he decided to do it his way.

For the first week, he prepared and ate his meals at home sticking to two rules:

• Most meals would contain only three plant-based ingredients.

• Every recipe would take less than 10 minutes to prepare.

He also listed (and mostly stuck to) all his favorite fruits and vegetables. By keeping it simple, he says, “It was easier that I thought, because there are vegan options everywhere for everything.”

By Day 7, however, he ran out of ingredients for his meals and didn’t have time to shop. So he ventured out to some fast-food restaurants in search of breakfast, lunch and dinner– and found he was right! Panera Bread, Taco Bell and Noodle & Co. all came through.

From there until the end of the challenge, he got in the habit of checking the ingredients of every restaurant’s vegan options online at home or before ordering.

Throughout Fast Food Vegan, Vaughn attempted to answer the questions “What do vegans eat?” and “Why go vegan in the first place?”  The answers he found in well-known statistics and facts helped solidify his desire to remain a vegan.

I found this sneak peek into the life of someone transitioning to veganism fascinating. Vaughn’s practical approach to making the switch should inspire anyone who’s interested in trying a plant-based lifestyle.

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