Forks Over Knives Documentary Film

Forks Over Knives Documentary Film Lee Fulkerson, John Corry, and Brian Wendel
Forks Over Knives Documentary Film Lee Fulkerson, John Corry, and Brian Wendel

Forks Over Knives Documentary Film Lee Fulkerson, John Corry, and Brian Wendel

Plant-Based Film

Eight years ago, I had my entire original Fruitive team watched Lee Fulkerson’s Forks Over Knives documentary. They were preparing for our plant-based restaurant’s opening day. After seeing the film, at least one team member gave up meat for good.

But Forks Over Knives was also intended for family viewing — and mine just sat down to watch it for the first time. Deciding how we’re going to eat impacts everyone in the household, so I was eager to see their reactions.

My boys agreed that the film’s highpoints were its animations. In their words:

“The animations were fascinating. Especially how it showed reversing heart disease.”

The animated shark was an example of us. When he ate the junk food he became fatter and fatter!”

My daughter, however, was more interested in the scientific aspects. And she loved hearing from many of the doctors and authors I’ve featured in this blog! For example:

Heart disease, as far as I’m concerned, is an absolutely toothless paper tiger that need never, ever exist. And if it does exist, it need never, ever progress.”

  • Dr. Matt Lederman walks through a grocery store, giving his patient Joey Aucoin a lesson in recognizing healthy food. His instructions regarding packaged foods’ marketing clams made me smile:

I dont care what it says on the front, the back, or the sides. Look at the ingredients. Thats all I care about.”

  • The poignant moment when Dr. Esselstyn puts into words my own feelings about feeding my children plant-based food:

“The greatest gift that you could possibly give to yourself and your family, not only those in your generation, but your children and your grandchildren, if you can make them be aware of the incredible power that resides within each of them to avoid lifes most poignantly tragic and painful events.”

I looked over at them, all cuddled up on the couch, and felt grateful for being privileged to give them such a gift!

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