From Mostly to 100% Plant-Based Eating

From Mostly to 100% Plant-Based Eating
From Mostly to 100% Plant-Based Eating

My Journey From Mostly to Entirely Plant-Based Eating

“Gregg, you should have a salad.” – My Dad.

Even though I didn’t share Dad’s enthusiasm for salads in my late teens, I tried to follow a plant-based diet. But like so many dieters, I struggled to stick with it — and suffered pangs of guilt whenever I fell short.

After being trapped in the failed-diet/try-harder-next-time cycle for a couple of years, I gave up and abandoned plant foods. Through college, to save money, I enjoyed the $1 menu at fast-food restaurants and the cheapest processed foods at the grocery store.

Before long, I was plagued with frequent headaches and severe migraines. But it wasn’t until after I married at 24 that I connected my food choices with my poor health.

Solving the Mystery

Or rather, my wife did! She began tracking every bite or drop of liquid I swallowed — and how they affected the way I felt through the day.

After only a week, she identified fast and greasy foods as part of my problem. A week later, she told me to eliminate products with a lot of preservatives or unrecognizable ingredients.

Eventually, almost all processed foods went on her chopping block. My headaches lessened considerably but weren’t completely gone.

Over the next ten years, I gradually returned to my belief that plant-based diets are the healthiest ones. After my teenage diet failures, however, I hesitated to commit to one.

So I did the next-best things. I:

  • opened a plant-based restaurant.
  • went mostly plant-based myself.
  • began studying the problems linked to our meat-, egg- and dairy-addicting Western diet.


By the time I turned 40 in 2018, the full impact of what I’d learned had hit home. I simply lost all desire to eat anything that didn’t come from plants.

And the greatest thing about it? I no longer looked at my food choice as going on another diet!

I’ve amassed so much medically researched information and pored over so many environmental impact studies and animal welfare books that there’s no longer a doubt in my mind:

Plant-based eating is not only the best for my family and me, but for every other creature and the Earth itself!

Now, a year and a half into my 40s, I’m nearly headache free for the first time in more than two decades. If eating a vegan diet had no other benefits, I’ll still stick with it for this relief alone.

And I finally understand why my Dad can get so excited over a salad!

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