Fruit Sugar Vs Added Sugar (Which One Is Better)

Fruit Sugar Vs Added Sugar
Fruit Sugar Vs Added Sugar

Fruit Sugar Vs Added Sugar 

Every 12-ounce can of Coke contains 3 1/3 tablespoons (1 2/3 ounces) of sugar. In other words, Coke is 10-percent added sugar.

So much added sugar hitting your bloodstream triggers an alarming sequence:

  1. Your blood sugar level spikes

  2. You release too much insulin

  3. Your blood sugar then drops lower than where it started.

  4. Your lipid levels rise as fat is dumped into your bloodstream.

Having this happen multiple times daily has profound consequences, including:

  • Liver damage

  • High blood pressure

  • Weight gain

The good news? Only processed fructose – not the natural fructose in whole vegetables and fruits – causes these responses.

In the Nutrition Facts video If Fructose is Bad What About Fruit? Dr. Greger describes a study of the body’s reaction to consuming berries with three tablespoons of sugar water.

In his words:

“What if you eat blended berries in addition to the sugar? They have sugars of their own… so the blood sugar spike should be worse, right? No, not only no additional blood sugar spike… no hypoglycemic dip afterwards. Blood sugar just went up and down without that overshoot and without the surge of fat into the blood.”

The reasons for this?

  • The fruit sugar moves more slowly through the digestive tract. It isn’t absorbed all at once.

  • The berries’ soluble fiber slows the fruit sugar’s release.

  • The berries’ phytonutrients inhibit the refined sugar’s passage from the intestine to the bloodstream.

In a second study, the participants combined white bread with the berry mixture. Again, the berries blunted the insulin spike. Dr. Greger’s conclusion?

“… [E]ven though you’ve effectively added more sugars [to the bread] in the form of berries, there’s less of an insulin spike.”

If the desire to avoid sugar means you’ve eliminated fruit from your plant-based diet, take heart! Fruit sugar eaten in the form of whole fruit is excellent for your health.

Added sugar is not. So the next time you’d like a Coke or piece of cake, reach for a bowl of berries instead!

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