Fruitive Franchising Announcement!

Fruitive Franchising Announcement!
Fruitive Franchising Announcement!

Fruitive Franchising Announcement!

Play has always been a big part of my life. And when do we play the best? Usually, it’s when we’ve had good sleep and good food.

My kids play together all day long, leading invisible elven armies into the depths of our backyard. Their strength and energy seem endless!

For me, everything begins and ends with family. Mine inspired me to start Fruitive, with the goal that every one of our customers would be part of the Fruitive family.

Eating our food can give you the same boundless energy and robust health my kids enjoy. You might even feel like a kid again, full of childlike wonder at the thought of a world where anything’s possible.

These unprecedented times have made clear the importance of investing in the health of communities across America. What if every community had somewhere to gather over fresh, whole plant-based foods, prepared from scratch and served in a family-friendly setting?

That’s what we were imagining, when we announced earlier this week our plans for nationwide franchising!

So why not come join us? Become part of the Fruitive family — and the fun!

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