Glacier Melt

Bush Man Takes Advantage of Melting Ice
Bush Man Takes Advantage of Melting Ice

The U.S.’ lower 48 states have more than their share of global-warming skeptics. But it’s a different story among the Alaskans I’ve met this past week.

Many of them have told me that, regardless of what scientists or science deniers are telling us, Alaska’s weather is certainly changing. What makes them so certain?

Things they witness every day:

• Melting glaciers

• Melting permafrost

• A worsening mosquito problem

• Average temperatures much warmer than when they were kids

Yesterday I met with the relatives of the Native Alaskans who harvested the meat form the moose I hit. They belong to the Ahtna Athabaskan tribe, some of the world’s toughest, most resilient people.

Surviving in one of the world’s harshest climates is in their DNA. They don’t have time for most of the issues that divide us politically, but they are passionate about their home.

And they didn’t mince words in telling me, “All Native Alaskans know the climate is warming.” They didn’t know they were affirming the change I’ve seen with my own eyes this week.

I first visited Alaska on a 1985 road trip with my family.One of my clearest memories is how the glacier cameright up to the road’s edge. I and my little brothers could step right out of our RV and slide on the ice.

Today, 35 years later, my own kids got their first look at it. Now retreated about 100 yards from the roadside, it’smuch too dangerous to play on.

Watching the drip, drip, drip of the melting ice, I wondered when it will be gone. And I asked myself, “Is this really our fault or just the natural ebb and flow of Nature?”

I wrote a few days ago that scientists agree humans are causing climate change. But I still struggle with the mind-boggling reality of what we are doing to the planet we all share!

I tend to believe that most people are well intentioned. So, are we really allowing our ignorance to irreversibly damage the Earth?

I’m afraid we are. What can we do about it?

We can begin by changing our diet. Stop supporting twoof the worst climate-change culprits – the meat and dairy industries. Start eating a truly sustainable plant-based diet- for the sake of the climate!

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