Half Year’s Resolution

Happy Half Year's Resolution
Happy Half Year's Resolution

After making several New Year’s Resolutions for 2020, I’m about to celebrate six months (!) of successes and failures:


  • Reading: I read 100 books in 100 days, every one of them plant-based.

  • Blogging: I’ve written a blog post every single day here at Plantbased.com.

  • Daily meditation and exercise routine: I’m up to 600 daily push-ups and squats — and gearing up for 700 each per day in July!


  • Journaling: In past years, I’ve been very consistent with daily journaling. But by January 12, 2020, I wasn’t keeping up.

  • Poetry Sunday: Through all of 2019, Sunday was my day to write poetry. That ended in late January.

  • Avoidance Checklist Daily Review: After a friend brought up my habit of avoiding difficult or uncomfortable tasks, I developed an Avoidance Checklist to help me get them done. Unfortunately, I avoid my Avoidance Checklist about half the time.

Now that we’re one week from starting the second half of 2020, I’m mulling over my Half Year’s Resolution options. These are my ground rules:

  • I’ll choose one of my three failures

  • I’ll lower my expectations by half. For the journaling or poetry, every other day or Sunday will be enough. Or I’ll cut my Avoidance-Checklist avoidance rate from the original 100 to the actual 50 percent.

  • I’ll begin keeping my updated Resolution on July 1, 2020.

Last night, my kids and I had fun discussing their Half Year Resolutions. They’ll join me in making their decisions next week. By the end of June, we’ll all be ready to go.

Are you someone who resolved to eat plant-based back in January, but are struggling with consistency? Or do you just like the idea of going vegan for your Half Year’s Resolution?

Either way, cutting your expectations by half could be the smartest way to become wholly plant based. So why not start (or restart) small? The results you experience will tell you when you’re ready to do more.

 For example, consider the following:

  • Eating one plant-based meal a day. This is what Suzy Amis Cameron calls OMD.

  • Eating plant-based breakfasts and lunches, as Jonathan Safra Foer suggests.

So what’s your Half Year’s Resolution going to be?

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