Harmful Effects Of Algae To Humans

Harmful Effects Of Algae To Humans
Harmful Effects Of Algae To Humans

Harmful Effects Of Algae To Humans

While browsing the supplements aisle at the health food store last Saturday, I was surprised to see several productlabels prominently featuring spirulina and blue-green algae.


Because for some time, I’ve known about the danger of these supplements. Fruitive once offered a product containing lime, pineapple, ginger and blue-green algae. Called Blue Algae Limeade, it was a customer favorite.

That is, until the day I pulled it from the shelves! I’dlearned that supplements containing blue-green algae and spirulina can be toxic.

That’s right — the same spirulina used to manage blood pressure, cholesterol and allergy problems is often contaminated with muscle-devouring neurotoxins!

In this NutritionFacts video, Dr. Michael Greger issued these stark warnings:

“We now know that almost all blue-green algae can produce neurotoxins, like BMAA… [found] in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients…

Spirulina may dissolve our muscles from the inside out.”

The site’s later videos Another Update on Spirulina and Infant Seizures Tied to Mother’s Spirulina Use have more bad news:

• “The reason I told everyone to throw their spirulina away was that… spirulina supplements were found to have liver toxins”

• “On his first day of life, an infant is hospitalized with seizures. The researchers concluded that his mother’s daily spirulina use, starting in the fourth month of pregnancy, was likely to blame.”

One bright spot? In the Infant Seizures video, however, Dr. Greger clarifies that pure spirulina isn’t in itself known to be toxic: “The researchers… attribute [adverse reactions}… to non-spirulina algae toxin contaminants within spirulina supplements…”

In layman’s terms, the toxic effects of these supplements are due to their blue-green algae.

Does that mean pure spirulina supplements are safe? Yes, according to the National Institutes of HealthIF they’ve been grown under controlled conditions.

Don’t take a chance. Before taking spirulina, check thesupplement’s label for this information first!

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