Healthy Diet And Exercise

Diet Vs Exercise What Matters Most To Lose Weight
Diet Vs Exercise What Matters Most To Lose Weight

Healthy Diet And Exercise

This morning, my brother and I had another conversation about his weight loss challenge. He and his friends are using the Diet Bet game app for motivation. From what he tells me, it’s working very well for them.

Just being around my brothers always brings back memories of my own weight-loss journey. From the time we were teens, the two closest to my age have been more muscular.

A photo of us shirtless still hangs in my parents’ kitchen to prove it! Taken around 16 years ago, it reveals my brothers with six-pack abs and my waist with six pounds extra.

For me, it remains a real source of embarrassment. But even worse is one taken just two years ago, when I first went entirely vegan.

In it, they’re standing on the beach as fit as ever. I’m between them, feeling ashamed. Going strictly plant-based had helped me lose a few pounds and eliminated my headaches. But my spare tire still remained.

It wasn’t until last fall that I started daily exercise. Then, this January, I made a New Year’s Resolution to go full speed ahead and commit to working out every day.

Seven months in, I’m managing 700 push-ups, 700 squats and one to two hours of walking, seven days a week. (A book usually accompanies me on my walks, so my brain gets a workout too!)

And here I am: aged 42 and no longer ashamed to be photographed with my brothers! I’ve finally made it — I’m peacock-proud of my body, six-pack included.

I’ve learned from experience that healthy eating makes me feel good and has helped me shed a few extra pounds. Exercise, however, has given me the strong, toned muscles I’ve always wanted.

My personal diet and exercise recommendations?

—If you want to lose weight, eat whole, plant-based foods.

—If you want to build muscle, exercise daily.

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