Healthy Vegetable Lunch Ideas (Dr. Klaper Recommendations)

Healthy Vegetable Lunch Ideas
Healthy Vegetable Lunch Ideas

Healthy Vegetable Lunch Ideas

Dr. Klaper Lunch Recommendations

I have great respect the TrueNorth Center’s staff physician Michael Klaper, MD. Unfortunately, as much as I’ d love to read his book Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple, the only copy I can find is a used one listed on Amazon for $75.79.

So I’ve settled for the next-best thing: watching his YouTube talk The Easy Way to Switch to a Plant-Based Diet.

His lunch recommendations stood out to me the most,

  • Kick off lunch with a hearty vegetable soup. If you’re out of the house at lunchtime, bring a couple of thermoses of the soup along!

  • Eat a salad, “… the more colorful, the better.” Choose an oil-free dressing.

  • Because we all need “something green and yellow every day,” Dr. Klaper also recommends a lunchtime serving of steamed, calcium-rich leafy greens. Dress it with freshly squeezed lemon juice, balsamic vinegar or some of your oil-free salad dressing.

  • Beans, peas, lentils and other legumes (“anything in a pod”) are Dr. Klaper’s final choice. Even if you can’t work them in at lunch, he recommends at least one daily serving.

His final lunch ingredient is a starchy food such as potatoes or rice prepared without (you guessed it!) oil. When we combine starchy foods with fats, he explains, our bodies burn the starches for quick energy but store the fats as a safeguard against famine!

How about dessert? Eat fruit!

Another tip from his talk: Chew your food to a creamy consistency to force the air out of it and make its nutrients more absorbable. I’ve read the same elsewhere, but still need to work on eating more slowly and chewing more thoroughly.

Anyone new to vegan eating can expect a six- to 12-week adjustment period while their body switches from craving processed or animal-based to whole, plant-based foods.

I’m still looking forward to reading Dr. Klaper’s book. But at less than 20 minutes, this is a great video for those needing simple, straightforward encouragement on choosing a healthy lunch.

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