HearSay With Cathy Lewis Interview

HearSay with Cathy Lewis
HearSay with Cathy Lewis

HearSay With Cathy Lewis Interview

Today, I had the privilege of being interviewed on WHRO Public Media’s Hearsay with Cathy Lewis.

When Cathy asked how COVID-19 has affected our business, I told her we’ve unfortunately had to close one of our Fruitive locations permanently. But we’re still grateful for the opportunity to reopen our four other stores and continue serving our customer’s healthy plant-based foods.

Cathy also asked me about how the recent protests in DC had impacted our restaurants there. I described boarding up their windows and then gathering my family to join the protestors with our own homemade signs.

As I explained, “We can replace property, but we can’t replace a life. This is the time for us to stand up with our neighbors and community for justice.”

During the post-interview call-in session, I was deeply touched by the caller who said my response had brought her to tears.

A second caller, who’s been plant-based for a few months, was so excited to hear about Fruitive that she’ll make the one-hour drive to visit us later this week!

I even put in a plug for our plantbased.com website — and have noticed an immediate traffic increase! So, welcome to all of you Cathy Lewis listeners.

Please stay around and join me in my journey to learn more and more about the benefits of plant-based eating!

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