Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids

Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids
Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids

Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids By Ruby Roth:

Anyone with an aspiring young plant-based chef in the house won’t want to miss Ruby Roth’s The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids.

With the same remarkable ability to communicate critical issues and themes she’s shown in her other books, Roth makes vegan cooking accessible to the junior set.

In addition to its delicious recipe and lists of ingredients, Roth includes a simple-but- compelling statement of purpose. Some of her reasons why everyone should eat a plant-based diet?

  • “Plant foods help us stay healthy.”

  • “Growing plants uses less land, water, and energy than raising animals does (and causes less pollution, too).”

  • “No animals suffer when we eat plants.”

  • “Plants can feed more people around the world than meat or dairy can.”

Splashes of color and the animated characters of Roth’s own illustrations enliven every page. Interesting facts sprinkled through the cookbook help cement a child’s understanding of natural cuisine.

Of the Pink Couscous recipe, for example, she writes:

“Many companies add chemical colors to junk food to get your attention – they’re trying to do what nature has already done! The healthiest foods are colorful and eye-catching – naturally!”

The Tomato Tornado recipe declares, “One acre of land can produce 50,000 pounds of tomatoes, but only 250 pounds of meat!”

My favorite recipe? Definitely Red Balloon Tea.

Imagine your kids watching as berries dropped in water soak up enough of it to inflate into tiny balloons as the water turns red! Her secret ingredient? Super-nutritious goji berries!

For reviews of more of Ruby Roth’s great vegan-themed children’s books, click

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