How Much Exercise Do You Need A Day?

How Much Exercise Do You Need A Day
How Much Exercise Do You Need A Day

How Much Exercise Do You Need A Day?

My recent post on the benefits of “short burst” exercisingdiscussed a study from Massachusetts General Hospital. Its findings indicate that exercising for just 12 minutes of exercise can dramatically improve our metabolic health.And its significance can’t be overstated.

On Wednesday, a New York Times article concluded that the study “… underscores just how pervasive and immediate the effects of exercise can be.” The Times’ Gretchen Reynolds categorized Massachusetts General’s effort as part of a growing body of exercise “omics.”

chapter on Omics published in the December 2019 volume of Advances in Clinical Chemistry acknowledges:

“Exercise is a well-known non-pharmacologic agent used to prevent and treat a wide range of pathologic conditions such as metabolic and cardiovascular disease.”

So, established evidence indicates that just 12 minutes of exercise provides positive health effects. But the question remains, how healthy would that amount of daily exercisereally keep us?

In the long list of factors affecting our wellbeing, diet is the most important. But – as far as exercise is concerned – “more is better” appears to be the general rule.

Dr. Michael Greger examined numerous studies on moderate-intensity exercises such as walking, cycling or gardening and concluded:

• ~9 minutes/day (60/wk) = 3 percent reduced mortality

• ~20 minutes/day (150/wk) = 7 percent reduced mortality

• ~40 minutes/day (300/wk) = 14 percent reduced mortality

• ~60 minutes/day (420/wk) = 24 percent reduced mortality

“Reduced mortality” refers to the number of deaths in a given group over a certain period of time. Getting one short burst of exercise daily could result in a slightly longer lifespan. An hour a day, however, could have eight times the impact!

The big picture? If a long, vigorous life is your goal, daily exercise will make your healthy diet even more effective!

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