How Not To Die Cookbook By Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM

How Not To Die Cookbook Review
How Not To Die Cookbook Review

How Not To Die Cookbook Review

Forty-two years ago, 65-year old Frances Greger was diagnosed with end-stage heart disease. She’d already been through several bypass operations, so her doctors had nothing left they could do so they sent her home confined to a wheelchair to await the inevitable.

On Sunday, October 16, 1977, Frances tuned in to the news magazine 60 Minutes. By the time the show ended, she had the information necessary to win her a new lease on life.

It came from Dr. Nathan Pritikin, author of The Pritikin Diet and founder of the Pritikin Longevity Center, where Frances soon headed. Dr. Pritikin immediately prescribed her a plant-based diet and exercise program.

Within three weeks, her grandson Dr. Michael Greger recalls, “… she’s out of the wheelchair and walking 10 miles a day.” It was the beginning of another three decades of life free of heart disease!

I heard Dr. Greger share Frances’ story at a 2018 conference. Her amazing recovery inspired him to devote his life to nutritional research.

During his presentation, Dr. Greger shared extensive evidence proving the plant-based diet that saved his grandmother’s life wasn’t a miracle.

It was science, plain and simple. 

I was so impressed with his presentation that I leaped from my seat and gave him a standing ovation when it ended. And I was just as impressed with his book How Not to Die. So much so, in fact, that I gave copies of it to many family members and friends!

Unfortunately, some of them took it the wrong way and became offended that I thought they needed a “diet” book. To quote one, “Why did Gregg give us this book? We’re not interested in a plant-based diet.”

But that didn’t stop me from giving away more of his books and reading his most recent, How Not to Diet, shortly after it was released a few weeks ago. I’ll be reviewing it soon.

And I’ve added his How Not to Die Cookbook book to our home kitchen’s recipe collection. We’ve already enjoyed a number of its plant-based dishes — and I consider it one of the most life-giving cookbooks money can buy!

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