How This Dreamer Learned To Dream


How This Dreamer Learned to Dream

A little about me:

I’m a dreamer, from a family of dreamers.

When my Mom was almost 20, she emigrated from South America to the United States. From her birthplace by the Amazon River in the jungles of Peru all the way to Chicago.

Over the next five years, with a determination familiar to anyone who knows her, Mom honed her car-part assembling skills. Eventually, she was so fast that her company moved her again.

She headed to Holland, Michigan to train the employees at their recently opened plant. That’s where she met my dad, who was her new roommate’s brother.

On their first date, they needed help from an English/Spanish dictionary to communicate. It worked, and the rest is history!

They eventually started a small business in the town near Grand Rapids where I grew up. By working with and watching them, I learned what it takes to make a dream succeed: every spare dollar (or sometimes more) and a tireless work ethic.

Although I often felt like the poor kid at school, the lessons I learned from my parents have proven priceless. I can still hear my Mom’s words encouraging me:

“Gregg, keep dreaming. It doesn’t cost anything to dream.” 

They were the inspiration that’s allowed me to chase my own dream, even at the risk of it costing me everything!

I dreamed of a place where my parents and family (I’m married with five children!) could eat every meal and live longer because the food was so healthy. So in 2011, I started Fruitive, a health-focused casual restaurant in Virginia Beach.

In the years since, I’ve watched my dream of feeding the whole word with the freshest, made-from-scratch, organic plant-based foods unfold. We now have five corporate locations and beginning in 2020, we’ll be opening franchise locations!

If you’re ever in the Virginia Beach or Washington D.C. area, please stop by. Send me a message when you’ll be coming – I’d love to meet you if I’m around!

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