How To Get Rid Of A Migraine Headache

How To Get Rid Of A Migraine Headache
How To Get Rid Of A Migraine Headache

A friend recently asked me for suggestions on how to get rid of a migraine headache. He regularly suffers from terrible migraines.

The research on alleviating migraines and headaches is inconclusive. Some of it, which I’ll cover later this month, suggests that people’s diets can influence headache frequency and intensity. 

Despite my remarkable history with migraines, I don’t put much faith into case studies or personal stories. So many variables could be affecting any migraine sufferer, including the desire to find a cure when one might not exist!

How To Get Rid Of A Migraine Headache - Does a vegan diet get rid of migraines?
Does a vegan diet get rid of migraines?

Did I get better because I started eating this diet, or was it because I believed eating my new diet would make me better?

Just possibly, my migraine relief had nothing to do with the diet and everything to do with my faith in it. 

When scientific studies haven’t shown evidence to support a case study, then a personal story remains only a story. Even if valid, it doesn’t qualify as a new panacea. 

Case studies matter, but don’t confuse them with scientific evidence. At best, they may inspire researchers to delve more deeply into the variables involved in individual cases. 

The bottom line? Take my personal story with a grain of salt! 

My Struggle to Learn How to Get Rid of a Migraine Headache

I celebrated my 43rd birthday last week, and with it, three years free of pounding pain. 

From the time I was young, headaches plagued me. I spent years searching for something or someone who could show me how to get rid of a migraine headache.

Doctors told me that there was no known cure. At one point, they gave me medication, but I had an allergic reaction to it and wasn’t able to continue taking it. I tried a few home remedy tips. Nothing helped. 

Eventually, I settled on taking Tylenol (or a similar over-the-counter medication) as soon as I felt like a severe migraine approaching. If it were later in the day, I would take Tylenol PM and get to bed.

Sleep seemed to calm the migraine down, although my wife said that I would continue tossing, turning, moaning, and burping even while sleeping.

The throbbing pain’s intensity sometimes made me want to die. And I’m not alone.

How To Get Rid Of A Migraine Headache - There is immediate help for those who need someone to talk to.
There is immediate help for those who need someone to talk to.

Research has empirically documented a correlation between migraines and suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

Many times, I thought I’d do anything to stop the headaches. But I didn’t know how to. 

Everything Changed When I Embraced a New Diet

When I finally went entirely plant-based on my 4oth birthday, curing my migraines wasn’t part of the motivation. I fully expected to suffer with them for the rest of my life.

But over the past three years, severe migraines have left me completely alone! 

My mild to moderate headaches are now few and far between, and their pulsatile quality and disabling intensity have ceased.

For example, a few weeks ago, I spent the day flying from the east to the west coast before driving along windy mountain roads for two hours. I was feeling moderate migraine symptoms, but in the middle of feeling sick, I remarked to my wife how wonderful it was not to have the throbbing pain. 

Compared to what I’d suffered from most of my life, my head hardly hurt! Ninety percent of my migraines are gone, and the ones I do have are 70-percent less painful.

How to get rid of a migraine headache? I’ve found my definitive answer: Consume a 100% whole-food, plant-based diet. I couldn’t be more grateful for the relief doing so has given me.  

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