How to Increase Natural Killer Cells With Whole Ingredients

How to Increase Natural Killer Cells
How to Increase Natural Killer Cells

Because they’re our immune systems’ lead fighters against abnormal cells (including cancerous and virus-ridden ones), it makes sense that we’d want to increase natural killer cells.

I read yesterday’s post on how natural killer cells work during dinner last night. My children found every detail riveting. 

And as soon as I described how to increase natural killer cells with black pepper, their response was immediate. Before I finished reading, they’d passed the black pepper around and sprinkled a liberal amount over all their meals! 

My children know I don’t base my blog on just any debatable facts I happen to read on the internet. 

They watch me spend hours poring over academic medical studies, searching for the best balance of evidence. So when they asked how to increase killer cell activity with other ingredients, and I told them about a study involving blueberries, they took my answer seriously.  

One grabbed blueberries from the freezer, and we had them for dessert. And this morning, my youngest breakfasted on blueberries topped with black pepper!

What’s even more impressive is that he’s known for being a picky eater. Today, however, driven by the desire to boost his immunity force, he cleaned his bowl.

How to Increase Natural Killer Cells with Other Ingredients

Fortunately, other whole-food ingredients also increase natural killer cell activity, including:

Cardamom rivals black pepper as a natural killer cell booster. (How to Increase Natural Killer Cells)
Cardamom rivals black pepper as a natural killer cell booster.
  • cardamom
  • kiwi
  • garlic
  • broccoli sprouts

The study I posted about yesterday described how both cardamom and black pepper empower natural killer cells.

When the researchers placed each spice in Petri dishes seeded with lymphoma cancer cells, they had no effect. But with natural killer cells added to the mix, something remarkable happened.

The cardamom and pepper boosted the killer cells’ cancer-destroying power ten-fold, reducing their numbers between 30 and 40 percent!

And combining both ingredients in the same petri dish created a synergy that made the killer cells even stronger!

Our family experience with eating kiwis to prevent colds has made it even easier for my children to trust my research findings. Even after eating plant-based as a family for two years, we were still getting colds.

Usually, one of the kids would come home with a minor sniffle. And before we knew it, everyone would be miserable with sore throats and coughs for the next five days. 

Combine blueberries and kiwis in a smoothie bowl for double the natural killer cell boosting power! (How to Increase Natural Killer Cells)
Combine blueberries and kiwis in a smoothie bowl for double the natural killer cell boosting power!

Then I discovered and wrote about the research on kiwis preventing or minimizing colds. After I read the posts to my family six months ago, kiwis became a staple of our daily diet.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed similar results as the participants in the study: the shared colds have nearly stopped!

On the rare occasions when one or two of the kids had minor cold symptoms, they lasted no longer than a day and a half. What makes kiwis so effective against the common cold?

There’s evidence they boost natural killer cells in the same way as black pepper and blueberries! 

Research has also identified garlic as a cold preventive. One possible reason is its ability to boost natural killer cell activity as well.

Finally, broccoli sprouts have displayed flu- and cancer-fighting properties, along with a talent for dramatically increasing natural killer cells.

If my youngest son decides to whip up his own natural killer cell recipes for dinner after listening to me read this post, I won’t be surprised.

We may sit down to a meal of broccoli sprouts and garlic seasoned with black pepper, followed by a dessert of blueberries and kiwi topped with cardamom!

It’s sure to be one “killer” of a meal! 

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