Is It Good To Mix Fruits And Vegetables Together?

Health Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet Is It Good To Combine Fruits And Vegetables? Is It Good To Mix Fruits And Vegetables Together?
Health Benefits Of Mediterranean Diet Is It Good To Combine Fruits And Vegetables? Is It Good To Mix Fruits And Vegetables Together?

Is It Good To Mix Fruits And Vegetables Together?

We know that nutritionally speaking, a whole fruit or veggie is greater than the sum of its parts. But leave it to Dr. Michael Greger to take this timeless saying to the next level:

“So, the whole plus the whole was greater than the sum of the whole parts.”

Sounds a little insane, doesn’t it?

What inspired him to reach such a curious conclusion while reviewing studies revealing the synergistic effects of combining whole plant-based foods?

Every fruit and vegetable possesses a unique phytonutrient structure, with a range of phytochemicals. Combining various plant foods can more than double the health impact you’d get from eating them individually!

Take this study from Canada’s Geulph Food Research Center. It measured the total antioxidant power resulting from various combinations of 11 plant-based foods:

  • raspberries

  • blackberries

  • apples

  • broccoli

  • tomatoes

  • mushrooms

  • purple cauliflower

  • soybeans

  • adzuki beans

  • red kidney beans

  • black beans

The Canadian researchers found that 13 percent of the combinations that included foods from the same group (fruit with fruit, veggie with veggie or legume with legume) resulted in a “synergistic” interaction.

In other words, those foods had a higher total antioxidant “score” when eaten together than they would have if eaten alone. For example:

Raspberries alone: antioxidant power = +1

Adzuki beans alone: antioxidant power = +1

But eaten together, their total antioxidant score is +3!

And when the researchers combined foods from different groups, the synergistic interactions rose to 21 percent!

Plants simply don’t follow our 1 + 1 = 2 mathematical paradigm. When thousands of phytonutrients and good bacteria from one plant-based food mix with those from another, the benefits of both can skyrocket!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Our bodies are smart enough to process the nutrients they can use immediately, store what they’ll need later, and discard what remains.

Messing with nature by extracting certain nutrients to make concoctions such as pills or processed foods only confuses our bodies. The ultimate result of an unnatural diet is disease and death.

So why not surprise your body today with an extraordinary array of plant-based foods. Let the insane plant-based math work its wonders! Mix it up with staples like:

– beans, rice, potatoes and corn

– apples, oranges and raspberries

– carrots, beets, spinach and kale

Then dress up your feast with exotic fruits, veggies, whole grains or whatever nuts suit your fancy. Your body will thank you!

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