Is Spinach Good For You?

Is Spinach Good For Your health?
Is Spinach Good For Your health?

Is Spinach Good For You? :

When we go shopping, we sometimes load up on the leafy greens. Knowing how important they are for us, we’ll add them to a big salad, put them in our smoothies or even freeze them for later use.

But to be honest, there have been times they just sat in the fridge and became slimy enough for the compost bin. And our family isn’t alone.

Reports of the amount of produce Americans waste every year vary, but some put it as high as one-third. So I began brainstorming for a simple way to help reduce this problem.

What inspired my solution was this very early video from In it, Dr. Michael Greger presented a Queensland, Australia research study on the relationship between dietary choices and the risk of squamous cell skin cancer.

What the researchers found was that (of the more than 1,000 people involved in the study) those who ate the most leafy greens each day saw the greatest reduction in risk.

How many did they eat?

Just 31 grams worth, or the equivalent of three spinach leaves! That’s all it took to cut their risk 53 percent more that those who ate just 6 grams of greens per day.

After watching the video, I realized how easy it to think we need to eat an entire salad of greens to gain any benefits. But it turns out that they’re such nutritional powerhouses that adding just a small amount to any meal can have an incredible impact on our health.

And once we get into the habit of eating three spinach leaves a day, increasing that amount should become much easier. The way I see things, it’s the more, the better — and the compost bin’s loss will be my gain!

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