Latest Research On Best Weight Loss Diet

Latest Research On Best Weight Loss Diet
Latest Research On Best Weight Loss Diet

Latest Research On Best Weight Loss Diet

Given our growing obesity epidemic, research that finds healthy ways to lose weight is more critical than ever. And the intriguing results of two medical studies published this past week may have done just that!

The first is a randomized clinical trial headed by Dr. Hana Kahleova MD, PhD of the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine. Published this Monday in JAMA, it looked at the effect of a low-fat vegan diet on body weight and other critical health measures.

The researchers randomly placed 244 overweight participants in two groups. For 16 weeks, one group ate only plant-based foods. The other continued with a standard non-vegetarian diet.

At the end of the study, the plant-based group had dropped an average of 14 pounds. Even more significantly, their liver fat content (hepatocellular lipid levels) decreased a whopping 34.4%.

For the non-vegetarian group, however, both weight loss and liver fat decrease were “negligible.”

How significant are these findings? During yesterday’s Exam Room Live podcast, Dr. Kahleova explained that liver fat is an underlying factor in the development of:

  • metabolic syndrome

  • diabetes

  • cardiovascular disease

and that currently, no medications or treatments for fatty liver are known to exist.

The study also showed that eating plant-based boosted metabolism by 14%. A faster metabolism results in faster weight loss.

One superstar ingredient that stood out to the researchers reviewing the data? According to Dr. Hana:

“Beans have a higher power than any other food so far. It seems like consuming a lot of beans does a lot for your metabolism and weight loss, compared to other food groups – at least in our study.”

The obvious conclusion is that for healthy weight loss, eating low-fat, (oil-free) plant-based foods – especially beans – is the way to go!

The second randomized controlled trial, released in the BMJ Heart Journal, looked at a “green Mediterranean diet’s” effects on cardiometabolic risk and weight loss. We’ll cover it tomorrow.

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