Main Street Vegan By Victoria Moran

Main Street Vegan By Victoria Moran
Main Street Vegan By Victoria Moran

Main Street Vegan By Victoria Moran

When I read Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan, I had the distinct impression that its author was channeling my Laskin Road Fruitive’s customer base!

The book was released in 2012, the same year I opened our chain’s first location on a busy Virginia Beach street. And its plant-based message appears aimed at everyone who lives and shops near the main streets of countless American towns.

Moran — who grew up in Kansas City , MO — struggled constantly with her weight before embracing a plant-based diet.She shed 60 poundsand has now authored several books about her vegan lifestyle.

Her remarkable ability to frame veganism in term easy-to-understand terms has earned Moran several invitations to The Oprah Winfrey Show. That talent is on full display in Main Street Vegan’s chapter, “Start Where You Are.”

Take the chapter’s sections “The One-Day-at-a-Time Plan” and “The Vegan-at-Home Plan,” in which she advises the reader:

“… learn the basics, get some recipes, stock up on plant-based convenience foods, veganize your kitchen, and in your very own home, the place where nobody can tell you how to be you, you’re plant-based.”

She goes on to make the simple-but-compelling case that we don’t need nearly as much protein as we’ve been led to believe:

During our first year of life, when we do most of our growing, we’re nourished, ideally, by mother’s milk, with about 5 percent of its calories coming from protein.

The basis for her conclusion?  Early studies indicating that humans need more than 5 percent of our calories from protein were done on rats, not people!

My favorite Main Street Vegan quote, however, appears on page 2:

“We eat the food that Big Agra wants us to eat, and then need the drugs that Big Pharma wants us to buy… And when you make informed decisions about the way you’ll eat, instead of having that decision made by corporate interests, you claim an important piece of the freedom that somebody died to protect.”

If those words don’t resonate with Main Street Americans, nothing will!

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