Meat Market By Erik Marcus

Meat Market By Erik Marcus
Meat Market By Erik Marcus

For plant-based author Erik Marcus, life has had a clear trajectory: It’s carried him from dabbling in animal activism, to doing personal outreach, to completely immersing himself in the battle for animal welfare.

Along the way, he’s also written for the Vegetarian Times and for And in 1997, Marcus published his first book: The groundbreaking Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating.

In retrospect, however, he’s somewhat critical of that effort:

Looking back, I regard Vegan as far from perfect—I fell into the trap of over-emphasizing the health and environmental arguments supporting veganism.“

He shared that critique in Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, & Money, published eight years after Vegan. By then, Marcus’ focus had shifted to the ultimate dismantling of the animal agriculture industry.

As he explained in the book’s “Closing the Meat Market” section, raising public awareness of the industry’s abuses is essential:

Above all else, animal agriculture fears exposure. The industry can exist in its present form only as long as the public is kept the dark about animal treatment.”

Marcus found support for this viewpoint in a May, 2003 Gallup poll. It indicated that 96 percent of Americans believed animals deserve protection from harm and exploitation.

His hope was that such a positive response would ignite a spirited public debate on animal rights. That discussion would expose the secrets of the animal agriculture industry on an international scale:

I truly believe that one day the cruelties associated with animal agriculture will win intense and sustained national exposure, and that Americans eating habits will thereafter change rapidly.”

And accompanying that change of heart, he hoped, would be a powerful new animal liberation movement:

“The surest way to eliminate animal agriculture’s cruelties is to seek to eliminate animal agriculture itself. To accomplish this, we need a new movement… with the purpose of ushering animal agriculture out of existence.”

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