Migraine Reduction Diet

Migraine Reduction Diet
Migraine Reduction Diet

Until I reached my mid-20s, I could expect to have two migraines a week. Once or twice a month, they were severe. Only when I began making dietary changes did their number drop considerably, with the really bad ones limited to one every few months.

Even now, I get a headache every couple of months. The debilitating migraines, however, stopped when I went 100-percent plant based over two years ago.

To me, that’s remarkable! But is it merely coincidence? Do any scientific studies support the idea that plant-based eating can actually reduce the frequency and severity of migraines?

Most definitely! In this NutritionFacts video, Dr. Michael Greger reviews a study in which one group of migraine sufferers received a placebo supplement. The other followed a strictly plant-based diet.

The results?

“… when put on a strictly plant-based diet, they did much better, experiencing a significant drop in the severity of their pain.”

The same video mentions another study in which test subjects reduced their daily fat intake by about 57 percent, from 65.9g to 27.8g. The results were stunning!

The participants experienced a“… six-fold decrease in … frequency and intensity. From three migraine attacks every two weeks down to just one a month.” 


“The decreased dietary fat intervention was associated with statistically significant decreases in headache frequency, intensity, duration, and medication intake.”

A whole-food, plant-based diet is naturally low-fat. This study offers compelling evidence that WFPB is the best diet to prevent migraines!

In tomorrow’s post, I’ll look at some foods research has identified as inducing migraines, along with some shown to be natural pain relievers.

One plant-based pain reliever has proven effective in at least eight randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials, so you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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