Migraine Testimonial

Migraine Testimonial
Migraine Testimonial

I’ve been staying home this week feeling under the weather.

Being sick has been a good reminder for me that eating plant-based is not a miracle cure-all. I’ve run into those who brag about never getting sick on their diet, but I’m always skeptical about their claims.

That said, I am grateful that the severe migraines I suffered for most of my life are now a thing of the past.

Three separate relatives asked me about them earlier this summer.

In all three cases, the conversation went the same way:

“I don’t get them anymore.” 

“Really? What happened?” 

“They stopped when I went completely plant-based.” 


Three questions and three identical responses. Each relative was initially curious and a little excited, but upon learning the reason for my cure, immediately lost interest.

Clearly, “I went completely plant-based” wasn’t the answer they wanted to hear.

To be honest, I know the feeling. When someone pitches an MLM product by detailing all the incredible transformations their body underwent as a result of downing their herbal blend or pink drink, I’m skeptical.

My first thought? It’s the placebo effect at work. It isn’t the product that has actually healed them; it’s their belief that it has.

But because I’m not interested in hearing about their placebo (and don’t want to explain why I think they are delusional), I quickly lose interest in continuing the conversation. My tendency is to take even the most compelling testimonies with a grain of salt.

I’d much prefer to stick with claims proven in double-blind studies, where some participants are given a placebo and others the trial ingredient. I’d take those results over a product testimonial any day.

That’s why I don’t usually make a big deal about my migraine testimony. I’ll tell someone if they ask, but really believe discussing the science connecting plant-based eating with the reduction or elimination of migraines is more effective.

And in tomorrow’s post, I’ll be doing just that!

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