Milk Outbreak

Milk Outbreak
Milk Outbreak

Yesterday I wrote about raising our children plant-based. But we didn’t go fully plant-based at home until 2018.

Even now, we don’t demand that our children eat plant-based all the time. When they’re not home, they’re free to eat what they want.

A couple of them have eaten meat or had some milk when we’ve visited family or friends. Although tempted to give them a judgmental stare, I’ve just taken a couple of deep breaths and looked away.

But yesterday, one of them announced “Oh no, I’m getting acne because I drank some milk.”

In their early teens, my two oldest suffered from acne even when we were mostly (but not yet 100%) plant-based. Now, they rarely get a pimple.

The only time any of my kids get acne is when they drink dairy milk. Dairy consumption is acne’s on-and-off switch!

And research indicates the improvement is more than imaginary. A meta-analysis of the connection between milk consumption and acne provides scientific support.

In Evidence for acne-promoting effects of milk, researchers at Germany’s University of Osnabrück’s Department of Dermatology state:

Acne vulgaris, the most common skin disease of western civilization, has evolved to an epidemic affecting more than 85% of adolescents… restriction of milk consumption will have an enormous impact on the prevention of epidemic western diseases like obesity, diabetes mellitus, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and acne.

Based on data compiled from more than 40 other studies, the researchers concluded:

Acne, an epidemic skin disease in countries with western nutrition, is promoted by increased consumption of insulinotropic [insulin-stimulating] food, especially milk. 

Dr. Michael Greger also refers to a Harvard study which revealed “significantly more acne in milk drinkers, leading a top dermatology journal to editorialize for a ‘no-dairy diet,’ reducing dairy consumption for anyone with zits to zero, because of the hormone content in milk.” 

So, if you or your teenagers struggle with acne, see if eliminating dairy products makes a difference!

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