Nancy Dropped 100 Lbs!

Nancy Dropped 100 Lbs!
Nancy Dropped 100 Lbs!

As I walked past the supermarket checkout lane yesterday, I noticed one of my favorite doctors gracing the front of Women’s World magazine. Beneath the headshot of a smiling Dr. Neal Barnard, a big, bold, red, white and blue headline shouted:

“Drop 12 LBS in 7 Days

Carb Lovers’ Thyroid Cure

Dr. Neal Barnard’s revolutionary approach jump starts your metabolism gland using unlimited whole grains, potatoes, & corn.”

Flipping through the magazine, however, I found this on the page right before the thyroid-cure article:

“Outsmart heart disease with olive oil.”

According to its author, University of Connecticut researchers found that drizzling red yellow, orange or purple veggies with olive oil doubles the body’s absorption of their cholesterol-reducing carotenoids.

 Just 2 tablespoons of olive oil a day “… cuts your heart disease risk by as much as 44 percent — adding two healthy years to your life!” 

But then, I turned the page to read about Dr. Barnard’s “revolutionary approach” and how it cured Nancy. She lost 100 pounds, shaved 123 points from her total cholesterol and healed her thyroid by eating an oil-free, plant-based diet.

The article made clear that people with thyroid issues need to avoid “animal fat, dairy, eggs, processed meat and oil.”

So, when a few pages later I came upon pictures of the week’s “decadent” recipes, featuring ingredients such as:

  • bone-in beef strip steaks

  • boneless pork chops

  • jumbo shrimp

  • chicken thighs

  • sugar

  • eggs

  • butter

  • cream

  • oil

just color me confused!

I’m truly grateful that Women’s World selected Dr. Barnard’s thyroid cure as this issue’s cover story. It gives me hope that many people take his advice and start “eating enough carbs.”

Spreading the word about the benefits of plant-based eating is always a good thing. Yet it’s also plain to see how the same issue’s mixed messages may leave its readers bewildered.

When one study calls an ingredient life-extending and another calls the same ingredient life-shortening, whom are we to trust?

More on this tomorrow!

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