Olive Oil Benefits And Side Effects

Olive Oil Benefits And Side Effects
Olive Oil Benefits And Side Effects

Olive Oil Benefits And Side Effects

For the last few days, my blog has focused on the question of whether olive oil benefits and side effects for our health. The experience reminds me of when my oldest son, at age 5, would point to a stranger and ask:

Dad, is he a good man or a bad man?”

I gathered he was trying to understand whom to trust in the world. So after teaching him not to point at strangers, I’d answer:

“Son, I don’t know if he is good or bad. Probably somewhere in the middle.”

His response?

 “Yeah, Dad, but is he a good man or a bad man?”

This back-and-forth would sometimes continue for awhile. He wanted a definitive answer– and I didn’t have one.

Over the past few days, I’ve learned the same applies to olive oil: On the healthfulness spectrum, it’s probably “somewhere in the middle.”

I reached that conclusion based on some findings of my NutritionFacts research, in chronological order:

Olive Oil Negatives: 

Olive Oil Positives:

Every year, hundreds of published studies provide new information regarding olive oil’s health effects — either alone or as one of several ingredients.

As similar studies are completed, the lists of its positives and negatives will almost certainly grow. But until the question has a definitive answer?

We need to be asking, “Where can we turn for our definitive healthy fat intake?

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