OMD: One Meal a Day For The Planet By Suzy Amis Cameron

One Meal a Day For The Planet
One Meal a Day For The Planet

OMD: One Meal a Day For The Planet By Suzy Amis Cameron

During my mission to read 100 plant-based books, I’ve encountered many instances where reading a book or watching a documentary converted someone to veganism overnight.

For Suzy Amis Cameron, watching Brian Wendel’s documentary film Forks Over Knives provided the blinding flash of light. It inspired her so much, in fact, that in trying to convert others she soon began alienating the people she loved most.

So she dialed back her approach and came up with a kinder, gentler method of encouraging plant-based eating. She started asking others to commit to only one plant-based meal a day.

Cameron arrived at her one-meal approach after hearing Clean Protein author Kathy Preston speak about her long, drawn-out transition to a vegan diet. As she recalls:

I’d been convinced that people should become plant-based all in one jump – no time to lose for your health and the earth. Yet I could tell that that approach was causing major pushback in my life… Kathy’s story was a great reminder for me that we all learn and change in different ways, and perfection is the enemy of progress.”

Her book highlights the enormous environmental impact this small change can make. In Cameron’s words:

“Doing OMD, eating plant-based, is a win-win-win – it truly doesn’t matter if you do it for your health, the animals, or the environment – every living thing on earth wins.”

Even now, the former model and actress — who’s married to Titanic Director James Cameron — says she sometimes take a “strident hard-line attitude” towards non-vegans. But she also accepts that it’s not the best way to change the world.

Her clear desire is to support others as they transition to plant-based eating. One way she does that is through the MUSE school she and her sister founded in 2005.

Although they had to convince their students and parents that vegan eating is best for both our individual health and our entire planet, the zero-waste, solar-powered school serves only plant-based lunches!

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