Party In Your Plants By Talia Pollock

Party In Your Plants By Talia Pollock
Party In Your Plants By Talia Pollock

Party In Your Plants By Talia Pollock

Aspiring standup comic Talia Pollock took one look at the creamy smoothie she’d heard would help her aching stomach, and informed her server, “I’m sorry, I don’t do dairy.” He replied, “Oh no, sweetie, this smoothie is vegan.”

“Vegan,” however, meant nothing to her. But when the server repeated that the drink was dairy free, Talia took a sip. Soon, there was no more smoothie — AND no stomach ache!

With the sharp observation that’s a hallmark of Party in Your Plants’ smart-and- funny style, Talia shares it was a smoothie she’ll never forget:

“It was there, on that bench, in a cloud of incense, that for the first time in over eight years I ate something that didn’t make me feel awful.”

And just like that, plant-based foods had a brand-new champion. When she wasn’t returning to that “one woowoo establishment” for a meal, she was at a nearby bookstore, poring over vegan cookbooks and transcribing recipes onto a legal pad.

In her words, “I was full throttle overnight, and it seemed like, overnight, all my health problems disappeared.”

Like so many new converts, however, Talia sometimes carried her obsession too far. Her reaction when her college boyfriend, tired of walking on eggshells if eating meat came up, told her he’d been enjoying hamburgers behind her back?

“It felt as devastating as a real affair. I was confused and betrayed.”

The breakup that followed his revelation was a wakeup call. She realized her judgmental attitude was hurting those who mattered most. “I would make my parents feel terrible,” she confesses. “I’d shame my sister, and I’d guilt trip my besties about their diets.”

More importantly, Talia recognized that her unhappiness was damaging her health. So she adopted a new life rule: “You cannot eat Brussels with a bitch face and expect to be healthy.”

She also admits that the occasional serving of goat’s- or sheep’s-milk cheese means her diet isn’t always plant-perfect. What’s changed is the way she communicates the value of eating “mostly plants.”

For those she’s trying to encourage, it’s simply easier to swallow (and much more digestible) than her college days approach.

Talia’s 100-percent plant-based recipes rank among the most delectable I’ve recently seen. Dr. Oz thinks so, too. His word for her Kale Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is “orgasmic.”

And as far as its health benefits go, he describes it as a treat “everyone in America should be eating!”

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