Pit’s Letter By Sue Coe

Pit’s Letter By Sue Coe
Pit’s Letter By Sue Coe

Pit’s Letter By Sue Coe

The most horrifying things about Sue Coe’ Pit’s Letter isn’t its gruesome images of abused animals in factories and labs or the naked human bodies being subjected to experiments.

It’s the awful understanding that this graphic novel written from a female pit bull’s perspective (and dedicated to 34 rescued animals) isn’t far from the truth.

Written as a letter to her last surviving litter mate, the story follows Pit beginning with her protective love for the young boy who took her off the street to her grief at being abandoned again on a deer hunting trip.

Along the way, she’s terrorized by scenes of death and the agony of fellow creatures, animal and human alike.

Eventually consigned to a laboratory where heartless researchers seek “a cure for empathy,” Pit confronts the unfairness of animals suffering needlessly at human hands:

“What was our crime? We were guilty of being animals and our sentence was life in a laboratory until death.”

This small, bold book from animal-rights mover and shaker Coe challenges us to reconsider our moral consistency. Told from the animal’s viewpoint through unflinching words and explosive imagery, it’s a brutal and much-needed exposé.

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