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Plant-based Coach
Plant-based Coach

Looking for a plant-based coach?

Being in the restaurant industry and an advocate for plant-based foods has given me many opportunities to encourage friends and customers to embrace healthy eating habits. I’m often approached by people looking for a plant-based coach. I have a couple of people I’m currently coaching, but they took drastically different approaches to changing their diets.

The first person, I’ll call her Andrea, spent 60 days only eating plant-based foods. One of the most significant benefits she experienced was fewer migraine headaches. A few weeks ago, we met on a sunny day, and she said, “It’s incredible that I’m walking out in the sun, and yet my head feels clear. Usually, I’m guaranteed to have at least a low-grade migraine if it is sunny.”

She is not alone in experiencing a reduction in migraines from eating vegan. Less than a year ago, researchers from Stony Brook University and the University of Pennsylvania published a case reportabout a 60-year-old man whose “headache frequency declined from 18 to 24 headache days per month to 1.” This result was within two months. By the third month, he was completely free of headaches. 

The benefits for my friend didn’t stop with the headache reduction though, she also lost weight. Losing weight wasn’t one of her goals, but she commented, “I feel physically fit. I haven’t weighed this much since my teen years!”

The 60 days just ended, and she informed me she didn’t want to stay 100% vegan. Instead, she will try to remain primarily plant-based. Hopefully, the mostly vegan diet will allow her to continue avoiding headaches and keep the weight off.

The second person I’m coaching, I’ll call him Josh, made one small change to his diet. I encouraged him to start every day consuming a small handful of greens. After a month of deliberately starting the day with greens, he told me that this simple change would usually impact his choices for the rest of his day. As a result, he made healthier food choices about 35% of the time. Some days, he even chose to eat completely vegetarian, which was significant for him.

I’m a business owner with a blog, I don’t think of myself as a plant-based coach, yet the fact is, I often coach people and hold them accountable to follow through with their commitments to eat healthier. If any readers are interested in coaching, send me an email introducing yourself.


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